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  • I have the can-do attitude required to complete anything necessary towards my goals…¬†Robin was an amazing support worker, always at the end of the phone and would arrive at mine as soon as possible for any problem I had or advice I needed.

  • I want to thank SRYP¬†for all they’ve done for me! I even won a ‘Pride Of Somerset’ award for being in SRYP.
    I loved that course and I’d love to go back!

  • “Having been on the REAL course I found it a real eye opener as I tried new activities that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to try. The course made me aware of the skills I do have and it also developed me as a person.

    Almost a year has passed since I enrolled on the course and I’m now a apprentice at SRYP and am thoroughly enjoying it”

  • I would like to progress up the career ladder. In my current job I am involved with ordering, taking deliveries, invoicing and communicating with clients. I would like to develop my skills, obtain my fork lift licence and progress to a supervisory or managerial position.
  • “Taking part in this report has given me a valuable insight into mental health and I will continue to research and increase my knowledge of mental health issues. Volunteering with Healthwatch has been an interesting and inspiring experience which I would recommend to anyone.”