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Meeting the challenge of future needs of young people.

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By the very nature of the work we do with young people in rural areas, transport has always been a significant problem; public transport is often very limited and in many cases non existent, young people often cannot afford their own and may rely on parents or friends or may simply miss out on the opportunity for work, training or socialising with their peers.

SRYP's innovative Moped Loan Scheme supplies them with an economical moped at reasonable cost while supporting the young person and helping them towards organising their own transport.

In most years, demand has often exceeded supply. As from October 2010, reinforced by its new fleet of 18 machines, SRYP can help more young people towards independence. SRYP recognises the contribution made by funding from the Levels & Moors Local Action in Rural Communities Fund in the purchase of these machines

For young people, certain conditions apply for eligibility; to find out if we can help you and you live in a rural area in Somerset, please telephone the Moped Loan Scheme office, 01278 722100 and speak to one of our staff. You may want to find out how the scheme works and what you need to do and you can download and read or print out our information leaflet at this link.

If you want to make an application you can download our application form. You can either print it out and post it to the address at the bottom, or if you fill it out on your computer, (it is a Word document) you can email it as an attachment to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Or you can telephone the office and ask for a form to be sent to you.

Before you apply, you also need to have applied and been issued with a provisional driving licence. If you have not already done so, you can apply on-line at this link.

New Skills; Learn how to maintain a moped

In an innovative extension to the Moped  Loan scheme, as well as supplying young people with mopeds, SRYP will be running Moped Workshops where young people can learn the skills necessary to keep a moped on the road. In this way, not only will young people be able to keep their moped on the road, the skills learned will help their employability, perhaps leading to a job in engineering or motor maintenance. Project worker Ewan Black was interviewed about this enterprise on BBC Radio Somerset. You can hear the interview at this link.

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And here's another young person on the road to a more secure future.

Living in Bower Hinton meant that 17 year old Jack Forrester was looking at a future on benefits. “There are so many young people looking for jobs” he said “and with no way of getting to work or college I was stuck. I left school in 2010 and have only had temporary jobs since then, now I have a real career in front of me”.

Jack was fortunate to be one of those to be loaned a moped by the Somerset Rural Youth Project, who now have an additional 5 bikes available thanks to timely intervention from local organisation, Yarlington Housing Group. 

Funding of £28,000 from the housing association has enabled the Youth Project to supply the extra mopeds to young people to help them get into work or training, and within days of hearing the good news, Jack secured himself a place as an apprentice mason. On your bike with Yarlington Housing Association press report.

His training will take several years, during which time he will be required to attend college, and he will be using his moped to get there. “I really enjoy crafts and building, so this is ideal and will keep me outdoors, which is what I really wanted” he added.

His CBT training and safety equipment has also been supplied by Yarlington, who’s newly formed Community Investment team identified the initiative as a way to make a real difference to young people, and to help them fulfil their commitment to ‘support communities to become places where people choose to live, learn and work’.

Following the government announcement of funding of £1billion to help tackle the problem, which has become worse since the EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance) was scrapped, Yarlington is delighted to be one step ahead, and has already changed the life of one very happy young man.

Yarlington Housing Group supports Moped Scheme, press release print version.

Moped Loan Scheme – well equipped for in-house or on-the-road maintenance ....

The Moped Loan Scheme had been struggling for some time with an elderly and unreliable van to visit Moped Loan users in outlying areas. Fortunately, Frances Nicholson, County and District Councillor for West Somerset was able to intervene. Cllr Nicholson said, “I am absolutely delighted that a Transit van that would otherwise have gone to auction has found a new and exciting life with SRYP and I am very glad to have had a hand in the continuing story of this valuable scheme”.

 A team of volunteers set about converting the donated vehicle to carry bikes to users of the scheme, and with the donation of a toolset have fitted it out for frontline repairs and servicing. With its new signage, the van can now be seen out and about throughout Somerset, delivering bikes to all those MLS users who cannot get to the workshop at Edington in order to get their moped serviced or repaired.

Ewan Black, (kneeling on right in photo) the MLS Project Worker said, “Our new van means a huge leap forward in the services we offer to our young people; I recently serviced a moped high on Exmoor, late on a bitterly cold night - having the van meant I was able to work in a warm and well lit environment, with all the tools I needed to hand. The tools donated also give valuable work experience for students from various motor trades who volunteer their time to keep our fleet of bikes on the road”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can anyone get a bike from you?

A. You are able to apply for the Scheme if you are 16-25, and live work or study in rural Somerset (i.e. villages of 3000 people or less) and there is poor, or no public transport.

Q. How do I apply?

A. Either email, or post us a copy of the Application Form

Q. What do I need before I apply?

A. You must have a provisional licence before you can go on the scheme, see attached link

Q. How long does it take when I apply?

A. Due to the number of bikes we have there is currently a waiting list, the length of time between applying and a bike being available can vary so please contact us to find out more information on how long the waiting list is.

Q. How much does the Scheme cost?

A. Starting on the scheme has a cost- we put you through the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), provide you with helmet, bike jacket, gloves and hi visibility clothes. Buying all these things separately costs upward of £250 in shops- We charge £170. Once you’re on the scheme, you pay £20 a week, to cover maintenance, insurance etc. We even give you the oil you need for the bikes!

Q. How long can I borrow a bike for?

A. Usually, we loan the bikes for six months- we aim to be a stepping stone to you sorting out your own transport. People that have been on the scheme often do well when they start driving because they’ve already developed their “road craft” with us. If you decide to get your own bike, we can help and advise you in your choice.

Q. What happens on CBT?

A. At the start of the day, you will be introduced to the basics of the course, and the bike you will be riding, then you learn riding skills away from the road, on private grounds, your instructor will also teach you about riding safely and making sure that other road users see you. When you’ve learnt the basic skills, you’ll head out for a ride on the roads, with the instructor telling you what to do by radio. When they’re happy that you will be safe on the road, they give you your certificate, and off you go! Our top tips; take plenty of warm clothes, sandwiches and a flask of tea with you!

Q. What happens if I have a crash?

A. We really hope you don’t!! We’re really proud of our safety record and if we nag you about wearing a high visibility vest, it’s because we want you to be safe. If you do crash, and the damage is your fault, you may have to pay the first £100 pounds of the repairs. Usually, if it’s only a small amount of damage, we can repair for just the cost of parts.

Q. What happens if I get a fine or fixed penalty?

A. YOU pay them.

Q. What if the bike breaks down?

A. This happens from time- to time, we have RAC membership on our bikes, so in the absolute worst case, you’re covered. Because this does cost quite a lot, we like you to have worked through a few tricks yourself before calling them out.

Q. How fast is the moped?

A. 50cc bikes are limited to around 30MPH by law. If someone tries to de-restrict our bikes, we take the bike back and charge for the cost of putting the bike back as it should be.

Q. What if I want to give the bike back before the end of the six months?

A. No problem, give us a call and we’ll pick it up and stop charging you from that point.

We are members of the Wheels to Work Association

A national body that is the representative organisation for Wheels to Work programmes throughout the UK.

Our address

email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Moped Loan Scheme,

Targeted Support Office,

SRYP, Unit 2, Suprema Estate,

Edington, Bridgwater,


Telephone 01278 722100

Moped Loan Scheme

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Employers and colleges.

If you would like to help your young people with transport, you can download or print out our Moped Loan Poster or click on the image here and display it in your staff room or work place.

Web links, New moped launch as reported by BBC Somerset

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