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Somerset Rural Youth Project is a registered charity managed by a board of trustees a list of whom can be found at this link.


  • To address issues of rural exclusion, isolation and disadvantage that affect young people.
  • To increase the take up of training and employment opportunities by young people in rural Somerset.
  • To encourage community regeneration through good citizenship and participation.
  • To provide access to information and advice on issues relevant to the lives and aspirations of young people.
  • To generate and participate in partnerships involving young people and key local stakeholders
  • To involve young people in the organisation’s development and delivery.


SRYP works in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies and contributes to national developments as an active member of the voluntary sector.

SRYP uses a project-based approach where projects vary in size from small local initiatives to countywide services. Each project will have clearly identified aims and objectives to target delivery, accountability and fundraising. The main characteristics of which will be:

A flexible and responsive approach to the needs of young people, where they have a central role in the development and delivery of the programmes.

A willingness to experiment and be creative in areas of new and innovative practice.

A wide range of methods for engaging with young people including detached work, mobile provision, working with individuals, advice and information, rural youth club support and activity programmes.

SRYP will work generally, but not exclusively, in villages of less than 3,000 in population where SCC or other CHYPPS members are not providing a service with open access to all young people.

Charitable Status and Financial Summary –

Please follow this link to view our charitable status and financial summary.

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Coming Events
Tue Jul 29 @ 3:30PM-05:30PM
The Zone, Burnham-on-Sea
Wed Jul 30 @10:00AM-01:00PM
Bruton Play Day with Active Futures
Wed Jul 30 @ 3:00PM-06:00PM
Wincanton Play Day
Tue Aug 05 @10:00AM-06:00PM
Ansford youth club go paintballing
Wed Aug 06 @ 5:00PM-06:00PM
Slacklining at Minehead Eye
Mon Aug 11 @ 2:00PM-05:00PM
Bruton Play Day with Active Futures
Tue Aug 12 @12:00PM-05:00PM
Ansford youth club go slacklining
Wed Aug 13 @10:00AM-04:00PM
Ansford youth club do the graffiti wall
Wed Aug 13 @ 5:00PM-06:00PM
Slacklining at Minehead Eye
Sat Aug 16 @ 1:30PM-06:30PM
Puriton Party in the Park
Wed Aug 20 @10:00AM-01:00PM
Wincanton Skate Jam
Wed Aug 20 @ 5:00PM-06:00PM
Slacklining at Minehead Eye
Thu Aug 21 @ 2:00PM-05:00PM
Milborne Port Play Day with Active Futures
Sun Aug 24 @11:30AM-
Coleford Village Day