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Health bus hits the road again..


Meeting the challenge of future needs of young people.

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It's difficult being a young person!

We know how difficult it can be being a young person. Lots of pressures from your mates, your parents, your teachers or tutors, the world in general.

Over the next few weeks, we're putting together a page of useful information, suggestions for places to look for help.

Health and Wellbeing

We would like to think that one of the first place you would go would be your youth worker, after all they have lots of experience helping and advising young people. If it's health problems, whether it's sex, smoking, relationships, have a look at our Health and Wellbeing page, you'll find contact details for Gail and her team.

Job search or training advice

If you need help looking for a job or getting some extra training, look on the REAL page with details how to contact Julie. And you could look on here for ideas, a web site set up by a young person working from a laptop in his bedroom, hints for effective job search, video tutorials, cv writing.

And here's a really useful link, a page put together by Advocacy in Somerset, if you want help with it, it's probably in here somewhere.

Check back here soon, we will be adding to this page with lots more useful info.

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Tue Oct 21 @ 3:30PM-05:30PM
Minehead - Free Sports sessions
Tue Oct 21 @ 3:30PM-05:30PM
The Zone, Burnham-on-Sea
Tue Oct 21 @ 6:45PM-08:45PM
Wincanton Youth Club
Tue Oct 21 @ 6:45PM-08:45PM
Health and Sports Middlezoy
Tue Oct 21 @ 7:00PM-09:00PM
North Petherton Youth Club
Wed Oct 22 @ 5:00PM-07:00PM
Puriton Senior Youth Club
Thu Oct 23 @ 7:00PM-09:00PM
Ansford youth club
Mon Oct 27 @ 8:00AM-05:00PM
Action Up Residential
Tue Oct 28 @ 8:00AM-05:00PM
Action Up Residential
Tue Oct 28 @ 6:45PM-08:45PM
Wincanton Youth Club
Wed Oct 29 @ 8:00AM-05:00PM
Action Up Residential
Thu Oct 30 @ 8:00AM-05:00PM
Action Up Residential
Thu Oct 30 @ 7:00PM-09:00PM
Ansford youth club
Mon Nov 03 @ 4:00PM-05:30PM
Health and Sports Woolavington